Mechanical Restoration Services

If you have a vintage British or European automobile that needs repairs or may need complete mechanical or electrical rehabilitation, Import Specialties will schedule time to inspect the vehicle, so that we can give you an estimate of the needed services and repairs. The inspection includes the engine and all components: Transmission, clutch, carburetors, fuel delivery systems, filters, hoses belts, exhaust, complete braking system, suspension-shocks and struts, power steering systems windows and doors, electrical including wiring, battery, starter, alternator gauges, instrument cluster, power windows, operations of convertible tops, wiper motors & more.

We inspect all visible engine parts – block, crankcase, head, transmission housing, etc. – for leaks, cracks or other damage. We can do a compression test on each cylinder to assess the condition of the engine.

If internal engine problems are found, we can inspect all moving parts including the valve train, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, oil pump, bearings and bushings, flywheel, water pump and other internal engine components. Internal engine parts will be machined or re-manufactured to bring them within specifications. If problems are suspected with the transmission, clutch, differential and all other moving parts of the drivetrain, we will disassemble as necessary to inspect and repair these components.

How long does mechanical restoration take?

Mechanical restorations can take weeks or even months to complete. Parts often must be remanufactured. Some parts take weeks to obtain. Once all the repairs are completed, we will fine-tune the engine and test drive repeatedly until we are satisfied the vehicle is ready to deliver to you, the customer. We want happy cars and happy customers. Contact us with your questions about mechanical restoration.